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Sep 21st, 2017
Dr. Mir Ali , Bangalore
"The chairs comes in different colors options, Airel is really making something out of the box and of reliable quality."
Dec 14th, 2016
Dr. C. Jagadeesh , Bangalore
"I was previously plagued with continual and costly repair bills to fix ongoing problems with my preceding units. Airel quality chairs have helped me overcome that situation."
June 23rd, 2016
Dr. Rajan , Noida
"What the chair offers in performance, it matches in presentation, After 10 years it looks exactly the same as the day it arrived."
May 8th,2016
Dr. S P Agarwal , Delhi
"I was not sure if the international technology chairs will fit in my small clinic, but AIREL made it possible with its modified manufactured chairs."
Dec 14th, 2016
Dr. Puneeth R , Bellary
"The services are quick and efficient, now I don't have to cancel my appointments with my patients."