Automated decontamination cabinet surfaces
Appliance automated disinfection: Nocospray

The NOCOSPRAY is a device that , coupled with NOCOLYSE + can automatically disinfect all surfaces of the dental office, even electronic , without corrosion or oxidation. The concept NOCOSPRAY / NOCOLYSE + meets the biocides directives and NF T 72281 standard defines the bactericidal , fungicidal , and sporicidal yeasticidal . Biodegradable, it is a process of disinfecting surfaces used curatively and complementarily Bio - cleaning ( delivery very fast white contaminated site Clostridium Bmr , Aspergillus, mycobacteria , Norovirus ... )

Product specific

The NOCOSPRAY was developed around a heating and ionizing turbine for transforming the NOCOLYSE + liquid gas when it aired. The NOCOSPRAY is compact (6kg) and deals with parts volumes up to 1000 m3.

Disinfectant for Nocospray


Disinfectant 6% hydrogen peroxide

Nocolyse One Shot

Disinfectant for reinforced traetments 12% hydrogen peroxide

Nocloyse Food

Disinfectant treatment for surfaces coming in contact with food 7.9% hydrogen peroxide.

Insecticide for Nocospray


Treatment for flying and crawling insects.


Mosquito repellent treatment.


Specific treatment for bedbugs, larvicidal.

"The Biodegradable Surface Treatement For All Area of Application"