• Mainly designed focusing on the comfort of both the patient and practitioner, it incorporates all the functionality that a dental equipment must have.
  • The equipment has been designed to fit all types of spaces and all configurations.
  • The triple articulation headrest fits all patients head positions to optimize their comfort as much as possible. It can also be positioned for children (Pediatric dentist).
  • Mounted suspension column and seat position series, the chair has a descending amplitude / wide rise to a very good accessibility for the disabled.
  • K2 dental chair strives to provide all dental service practitioners and professionals with the high quality, effective, reliable equipment, providing the very best working conditions for all types of care.
  • A Smart Card allows different dentists to work on the K2 dental chair whilst conserving the memory of their specificities - Each time they work with a new patient ( chair position, water, air and scaler spray flow strength, light, rotation speed of the micro - motor, etc ) allow pre - programmed work sessions.
  • The K2 dental chair has been designed to adapt to all positions that surgeons or dentists might wish to use.
  • The removable, swiveling cuspidor bowl is positioned on the top of the dental chair to make it easier to maintain and so that patients can reach it easily
  • The positioning units in Side, wall mounted or with a mobile cart is particularly adapted for dental care, without clutter. K2 dental chair can then be supplied without spittoon.
  • K2 dental chair is improved by the tactile colour HD <> screen. This tool turns the K2 dental chair concept into a high tech, optimum work station.
  • The practitioner can access the entire K2 dental chair technical cabinet easily and directly - Not only is their equipment close at hand within the dental engine, but they can keep it completely operational and effective to maintain impeccable hygiene