• Hygienic - Hygienic has been thought of everywhere on the K2 dental chair as one can integrate the IGN Calbenium disinfection system, to improve asepsis.
  • Compact - Simply placed on the top of the stand for easy cleaning, this compact designed glass bowl can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • Comfortable - Whatever position you are working in, both the patient's and practitioner's comfort has been carefully studied so that all operations are conducted smoothly and calmly.
  • Ergonomics - The double articulated headrest adapts perfectly to all your patient's head positions so they feel really comfortable. Both mobile joints and pneumatic vertical slide movement are adjusted by as single button.
  • The Instrument panel is small, ergonomically well designed and remarkably easy to handle so it is ideally suited to its use. The various instrument functions are displayed on the screen, particularly images taken form RVG that provides you with an excellent view of the field of operation.
  • Adaptable - The assistant's panel is a true workstation and so ergonomic that there is room for two or four hands. A completed range of instruments can be added to the section cannuals.
  • Accessible - The vision light is always within the practitioner's reach so the field of operation id perfectly visible with 25'000 lux. White light from 6 LED's gives cool and bright light or the halogen lamp is cooled by silent micro ventilator that ensures durability.
  • Harmonious - Each instrument is easy to pick up thanks to a lockable swing arm that avoids repeated gestures and considerable long leads so you can work in any position.