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The Company is started with the intention of providing the latest equipments at reasonable price with regular availability of spares and services. The company has a state of the art manufacturing facility at Peenya Industrial area in Bangalore. Airel is the only French manufacturer of dental equipments after having taken over Quetin a company in ST. Nazaire, which was the oldest and most important Manufacturer
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Our Quality Products

Ambidextrous nature, the range of PE8 equipment has been designed to adapt to all working positions and offices all configurations. All proposed modules are perfectly symmetrical so that each change of position is possible in seconds.

Our Quality Products

The range of equipment PACIFIC has been developed around a monocoque seat chair seat and an operator sitting on his knees with integrated controls. According to each practice of dentistry, the PACIFIC modules allow to use each function of the chair in an efficient manner, to combine ergonomic patient comfort and convenience of patrician.

Our Quality Products

A compact armchair without limiting the amount of functionality: this is what offers the range of K2 equipment. By positioning series chair, K2 allows you to include a large number of modules to enhance the ability of positions. Designed for high availability of the patient and the practitioner as it adapts to small spaces.

Our Quality Products

The vision light is a within the practitioner’s reach so the field of operation is perfectly visible with 25,000 lux. The halogen lamp is cooled by a silent micro ventilator that ensures durability. The light can be controlled in connection with the chair positions or by an infrared cell, thus avoiding any contamination by contact.

Our Quality Products

100% integrated health solutions

Our Quality Products

Series integrated in all of our equipment, IGN, associated with the product CALBENIUM provides water treatment of germ-free sprays, thus avoiding postoperative or cross-contamination. Tanks under the spittoon used to accompany the bacteriological reset the unit.

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